Paul Henzel

About us

Paul Henzel Lumber Ltd. provides lumber and custom crating (certified for worldwide shipment) for industrial and commercial customers in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario, as well as custom re-manufacturing for lumber brokers and wholesalers making shipments to the United States, Mexico and Asia.

How it all began

Company founder Paul Henzel got his start in the lumber industry in the 1960s, hauling rough lumber from across the province to Winnipeg, where it was planed and sold to small, local contractors.

By the end of the decade, with business booming, Paul rented land and bought a planer. He continued to grow and diversify the company, stocking lumber to sell to the public, contractors and industrial customers, building pallets for industrial clients, and becoming a certified lumber grader.

In 1968, the company moved to a larger lot, which Paul eventually purchased and where the company is still located today.

The 1970s brought further opportunity, and Paul was joined by his oldest son, Bob, in 1970, and his youngest son, Jerry, and son-in-law, Stuart Vernon, in 1977.

In 1979, Paul Henzel Lumber underwent a major expansion, which included the addition of a manufacturing plant. The business also began to shift focus, concentrating more on sales to industrial customers and custom re-manufacturing.

When Paul retired in 1984, Stuart (now President & CEO) and Jerry (now Treasurer & Operations Manager) took the reigns of the company.

Under Stuart’s and Jerry’s leadership, Paul Henzel Lumber evolved into the company it is today, providing lumber, custom crating and custom re-manufacturing services for industrial, commercial and wholesale clients.

Stuart Vernon

Jerry Henzel

1236 Brockville St. Winnipeg, Mb. Canada R3P 1L3